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Yinlong 30Ah 2.3V LTO Battery Cell

1)Nominal Capacity: 30Ah
2)Nominal Voltage: 2.3V
3)Rated Electric Quantity: 75W(30A(1C),25℃)
4)Impulse Power: 900W(discharge) 1700W(charge)
5)Energy Density: 140Wh/L
6)Specific Energy:75Wh/kg
7)Maximum Continuous Charging Current: 300A
8)Maximum Continuous Discharging Current: 300A
9)Work and Storage Temperature Range: -55℃~+65℃(Cell Temperature)
10)Discharge Cut-off Voltage: 1.5V(@-40℃ to + 55℃)
11)Charge Cut-off Voltage: 2.9V(@-40℃ to + 55℃)
12)Dimension: 173*97*27.8 Width*Height*Thickness
13)Weight: 1.01KG

  • 1)Long Cycle Life
    2)Factory Price
    3)Excellent Low Temperature Performance
    4)No Memory Effect
    5)High Energy Density
    6)Low self discharge

  • 1)E-bike,Electric Scooter,E-motor,Electric Golf Car,Electric Wheelchairs
    2)Medical Equipment
    3)Romote Control Cars
    4)Energy Storage Devices
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