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YNB 36V12Ah E-Bike Battery

Part No: YNB3612EB
Model: Yunergy Battery 36V12Ah Battery Pack
Pack method: 10S6P 18650
Voltage: 36V
Capacity: 12Ah
PCM: 15A
Cycle Life Time: >800
Size: 110*75*380mm
Charger: 2A
Weight: 5Kg

  • 1)High energy density
    2)High open circuit voltage
    3)Wide range of operating temperature
    4)Stable operating voltage and current
    5)Long operating time
    6)Low self-discharge rate (less than 2% per year at 20°C).

  • Our this kind battery applied in electric bicycle, supplying power for bike.

    This battery can be suitable for 36v 250w 350w  motor

    Products can be working for 1.7hour at 6.4A(36v250w)

    Products can be working for 1.2hour at 9.7A(36v350w)



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