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YNB 48V11.6Ah E-bike Battery

Part No: YNB48116EB
Model: Yunergy Battery 48V11.6Ah LiFePO4 Electric Bike Battery
1)Dimensions(mm): 360 *132*82 mm
2)Norminal Voltage: 48V
3)Capacity :11.6AH
4)Color: White or black
5)Weight: 3.0KG
6)Configuration: 13S4P 2900mAH
7)Cell Type: LiFePO4
8)Max continuous discharge current: 18A
9)Discharge cut-off voltage: 35V
10)Charge Voltage: 54.6V
11)Charge current: 2A
12)Working humidity: 10%~90%RH
13)Work Temperature: -10~50°C
14)Storage Temperature: -30~50°C
15)Cycle life at 0.5C and RT: >1000 Cycles
16)Certification: CE/UN38.3/RoHS

  • 1.The power supply size: 130*76*48mm
    Input Voltage: 100-240V AC 50-60HZ
    Output Voltage: 54.6V
    Input Current: 2000mA

    2.Charging mode: The first stage of constant current charging, the LED indicator is red. When charging to rated voltage, turning to the second stage of constant voltage charging, the current will lower Slowly. When the charging current turns to the lamp current, the LED indicator light turns green. Then the battery has been full to 90% - 95%, battery continues to charged with a very small current, until full.
    3.Protection function: Over voltage,over current and short circuit protection
    4.Efficiency: >83%

  • Mainly Used for Electric Bike 
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